1955 Sixpence

British coins and the largest online forum

Predecimal.com - is just me, specialising in the sale and purchase of British coins from about 1660 onwards, offering a basic range of collectors' accessories and free knowledge on this interesting and fulfilling field.

This website also contains the biggest British Coin forum in the world, with over 140,000 posts it's quite possibly the largest British numismatic reference of any kind. It's searchable, free and everyone is welcome.

This website is run by Christopher Henry Perkins - Professional numismatist, former broadcaster, author of "Collectors' Coins GB" (for pre-decimal coins), and of "Collectors' Coins - Decimal Issues of the UK", co-author of a number of other books. Please see Rotographic.com for more details on my range of books.

​Collectors of current British (decimal) coins should visit my checkyourchange.co.uk website for comprehensive information on decimal coins and links the the current best selling coin book in the UK and my Check Your Change app.

13/4/2017 Important Information: The predecimal.com range of coin collecting accessories has been drastically reduced to just a handful of basic essentials so that I can concentrate on the most successful aspect of my business at the moment, which is the publication of coin related price-guides and reference books through my Rotographic imprint. Read more...